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Flat PVC insulated twin-cord X03VH-H


conductor material: bare copper
conductor construction: fine stranded class 6
insulation: PVC
sheathing material: PVC
flame retardant: VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1
bending radius, fixed

6 x DA
nominal voltage Uo: 300 V
nominal voltage U: 300 V
core identification: colours acc. VDE 0293 (HD308)

Application: Connecting cable for lightning electrical appliances, radio appliances, table lamps, watches etc. for light duty mechanical appliances in households, kitchen and office rooms, as far as this is permitted in the relevant appliances regulations.

Austria: YZWL

The products and information presented here are for technical calculation only. They are subject to technical progress and in no way represent the ability of shipment. Outer diameters are approximately.

Table: Technical characteristics X03VH-H

part name Rl. Ibl. b. h. Cu. G
[Ω/km] [A] [mm] [mm] [kg/km] [kg]
X03VH-H 02X0,5         10 19
X03VH-H 02X0,75 26 15 3,1 6,3 14,4 26

Rl conductor resistance
Ibl ampacity (in air)
b width of (flat) cable
hight of (flat) cable
Cu  copper
G weight