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How to use an expired Low Voltage Cable query to earn a lot of money

One, what is "expired" query, we all know, Low Voltage Cable buyers to pay attention to the extent and release time is closely related to the more effective information released by the more. Because of soft Low Voltage Cable buyers demand of trading for a period of time, one month, three months, even half a year are likely to, so in general, within a week of the release of the query can is called "new" survey, more than a week, you can simply called "expired" inquiry.


To discuss the next is more than a week or longer time no timely so-called "expired" query answer (including Low Voltage Cable procurement operations and Low Voltage Cable buyers directly send inquiry mail).


Two, query expired, the enterprise may not expire"


For a long time the buyer inquiry and certain time interval. If there are clear signs of a Low Voltage Cable the buyers now is no longer operating these products, then we can judge of less value to the inquiry, is really "expired" inquiry.


Instead, regardless of query issued far time, as long as the Low Voltage Cable the buyers still in the operation of such products, procurement of main contact information has not changed, the problem haven't "expired" is still valuable business opportunities.


Three, how to choose the "expired" inquiry into the following types of queries, we should focus on handling, buyer sends a query; query system in China does not support query group hair directly in your inbox in query buyers is relatively high. Such an investigation, buyers to your company's Low Voltage Cable products, the initial recognition, may have a certain understanding of your company, such an inquiry, we focus on treatment.


1, in recent releasedpvc version of the trade Low Voltage Cable procurement buyers; buyers from Low Voltage Cable the buyers reached orders generally need to a certain amount of time, so in to purchase the release time in 30 days, we should focus on recovery, a day earlier in the contact with customers, strive for the opportunity is greater.


2, fill in the company's Web site; if completing the company's Web site in the company's customer information, the site can normal open, the company is still in the normal course of business and may still do have consulted the product, perhaps clients can tap into new opportunities, buyers like this, of course, there are close to the value .