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Received 4 replies to the development of the title of the PVC-insulated cable

Scene representation: one day to find the boss to ask the 200 letter of development staff, how to find the email address. Then the clerk to see the son of the two days of the development of the subject, you receive my mail? The same email address has not been used before, but now it has received four letters (I think it is no more than 50 letters). Concludes that e - mail is information or sales, and perhaps the previous mail has not been turned on?."


In fact, whether it is the development of the letter of the subject will affect the discussion of the buyers reply rate has been a long time, there are a lot of sales staff will share the experience, teach foreign trade novice how to write a letter of development. This is written about how to write the novel's theme, unique. A clear theme will give the guest a mail from a stranger who is not interested. Need experience, content should be concise and to the point, directly attract guests from opening the mail, the purpose is achieved. He did not react, depending on the actual situation and your skills. Some people write mail will make theme settings: "we produce the light", or "need to cooperate, or" Guangdong * * * Trade Co., Ltd., or "price list lights Guangdong * * * Trading Co., Ltd." and so on, see knew this is a sales letter. When you receive a week of sales, you may be interested to see, but if you receive a sell one day, it will be very boring, direct delete courtesy. So how to write the theme, let the guests know that this is a sales, or can not help but open to see it? Judging by the occasion.


Suppose I is a PVC-insulated cable company, limited, in the Google search company's largest customer is the home depot, although it may be by the traders, and not directly, but can develop new customers as a bargaining chip. If I want to write a letter of development of American company (the name is me), I from Google understanding some of the company's information, know that they are an importer in USA, PVC-insulated cable series, hope to development of the guest, I usually write the subject. ": PVC-insulated cable supplier sunlight / def Company Co., Ltd.,"


Company name of PVC-insulated cable company on behalf of the guests, you on his first with the theme of his name wrote a letter, said their company's respect; supplier of the home depot clear your sun light from America's second-largest retailer home depot, PVC-insulated cable providers, are clearly the strength, but also to remind his interest; last def company and his company on behalf of the company. So, if you find the right person, this is PVC-insulated cable company procurement of cable, or his head. Suddenly, a day to receive such a theme of mail, wow, for PVC-insulated cable provider, great to opportunity to see whether there is cooperation, than the original suppliers? He opens the message and the probability is very large! In addition, theme settings there is a benefit, that is, guests or even temporarily back to your mail, put it in your inbox, but in the future one day he suddenly want to let your quotation price. This is easy to find this email! As long as keywords input PVC-insulated cable , the guarantee is found once.


Expert experience is unique, let me see the full of wisdom. Every friend can use this principle to see. Follow the experience of other users as the main line, integration, the letter of all the common development of the theme are listed, for your reference.