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ZMS cable foreign trade business Low Voltage Cable sales in Russia Brazil

ZMS cable foreign trade business Low Voltage Cable sales in Russia Brazil


February 28 news, Alibaba's foreign trade business platform speed sold globally through in January of this year to start brand sellers directional recruiting since, there has been a great deal of Phytolacca acinosa continued settled in the domestic famous brand. The cable includes a ZMS cable, Shenghua Cable, Far East cable, Baosheng cable and more than 70 brands. Among them, the speed of the ZMS cable opened two stores, trying to open up overseas markets.


Recently, billion state power network connection ZMS Cable General Manager Ren Heng said, "aliexpress" opened two stores operating electrical cords and Low Voltage Cable, electric wire factory in early April last year will be opened, the Low Voltage Cable is in January this year, has just opened. At present, the total number of products SKU about 1000,Low Voltage Cable due to the speed of the brand through the brand settled, a day of ultraviolet.


According to reports, the operating team is currently only 4 people ZMS cable speed, but the follow-up will expand the scale. It involves foreign trade business, the main purpose is to promote the main purpose. From neighboring countries, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Singapore, and then to the United Kingdom, the United States and even Iceland, ZMS cable in the station letter or phone directly launched its own brand. Especially in the retail industry, manufacturing is not developed countries, ZMS cable can be sold through the speed of the platform to expand brand awareness.


Tease scale told billion state power network, in the choice of foreign trade business, ZMS cable will in accordance with the district division in the northern and southern hemispheres is suitable for local products, such as Brazil's still summer, according to a report in the market of the Senate the Low Voltage Cable of the sales promotion activity, soft electric wire. ZMS cable speed sold through the store to provide products and lynx shop basically consistent.


Ren Heng pointed out that the current sales rate through the strategy to develop Russia and Brazil market, so the platform to give publicity to the two markets are very large. From the sales point of view, Russia and the Brazil market is indeed ZMS cable contributed about 60% of the sales value.


However, due to the ZMS cable foreign trade business starting, the rapid sales store through the daily volume has not reached the 3 digit, and the customer's price of about 50000000 to 100000000 U.S. dollars between. Ren Heng said that at present, ZMS cable is still dominated by foreign markets, and vigorously develop foreign trade business, to further expand overseas markets, increase investment.


Rapid sales platform for counterfeit, fake goods, ZMS cable connection points out its stores on display in the fast selling home brand shop, plus the Amoy goods authorization control, the real brand can get some protection. In addition, through the rapid sale of the twitter promotion, Facebook SNS platform better, buyers from all over the world, and the 2014 speed through vigorously to create regional brand mobile sale, which ZMS cable is attractive, build international brand intent.