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Company activity - -Wu Jia Wan

Known as” The No.1 Leisure Place of Thaihang Mountains”, Wujiawan tourist area locates in the Lingchuan Town, Jincheng City of Shanxi Province, also share common border with Henan Province in the deep Mountain. It is always renowned for the natural landscape and honest folk. As an undeveloped village, it has attracts many tourist from nearby, both tour pal and self-driving travelling.
At 14:30 May 16th, tens of people of the ZMS Cable Co.,Ltd. packed bags, drived three cars heading to our destination-Wujiawan tourist area with great excitement and expectation.

Rugged winding road during the way
After about three hours driving and a long way of winding road, upper then down the mountains, we finally arrived at a hotel at foot of mountain.
To have a Panoramic view the front of the hotel.
Happy dinner party on the evening
Early in the morning on 17th, the next day of our tourist, we tens of people experience a long way deep into the Grand Canyon Adventure, also full of difficult and pleasant.
Beautiful sceneries during the journey of Grand Canyon Adventure
Fellowship among members
Photograph of whole family of the ZMS Cable Co.,Ltd. 
At about 16:00 in the afternoon, we finished our tour and drive back Zhengzhou, tired and boundless. That’s really a great experience, not only relax ourselves but also enhance the affections between our colleagues. Hope there would be more activities like this in the future.